• Collects animal fur

    Our Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for pet owners as it easily tackles the problem of hair on sofas and mattresses.

  • Compact and Wireless

    Thanks to its lightness and compactness, you can easily store it in any corner of the house. Thanks to the wireless design, this vacuum cleaner allows you to forget about the hassle of wires.

  • Dust Mite Annihilation

    Our vacuum cleaner is equipped with UV light technology, which quickly destroys dust mites. Ultraviolet light penetrates surfaces, ensuring complete destruction of these microscopic pests, creating a cleaner, healthier living environment.

  • Jackie Thompson, Los Angeles, USA

    For a busy mom of two, cleaning can seem like a never-ending chore. But with the CleanUp™ vacuum cleaner, you can get the job done in no time. It's lightweight and cordless, so you can clean up messes quickly and spend more time with your family.

  • Simon Patel, London, UK

    As a technology enthusiast, I'm always looking for innovative solutions to everyday problems, and the CleanUp™ cordless mattress cleaner impressed me with its advanced technology and performance. Thanks to its high-capacity battery, it can run for a long time.

  • Maria Garcia, Madrid, Spain

    Being a stickler for cleanliness, I spent hours washing and disinfecting every inch of the house. I even changed my bedding every three days. But with the Clean Up™ disinfecting vacuum cleaner, I'm finally rid of that problem - the ultraviolet light removes all germs and bacteria, so I can sleep easy knowing my home is truly clean.

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Powerful Suction (12Kpa)

Embark on a cleaning revolution with the mighty 12Kpa suction of our Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. This extraordinary force effortlessly eradicates hidden dust mites, solving the perennial problem of microscopic allergens lurking within your bedding and upholstery. You can safely clean dust from the depths of mattresses, pillows, sofas, pet hair, blankets, and cushions.

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High-Efficiency Filtration

High-Efficiency Filtration with HEPA Sealed Filter. Experience an oasis of clean air as our vacuum employs a state-of-the-art HEPA sealed filter, filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns. This high-efficiency filtration not only rids your home of dust but also eliminates the risk of secondary pollution, ensuring a home free from airborne irritants.

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UV Light Upgrade

UV Light Upgrade (253nm UV Wavelength). Step into the future of cleanliness with the UV 253.7nm wavelength UV light. This groundbreaking technology penetrates mites directly, achieving an astounding 99.7% cleaning rate. Say farewell to traditional cleaning methods as this upgrade creates an impeccably hygienic environment, resolving the age-old struggle against invisible contaminants.

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Cordless Access and Lightweight

Liberate yourself from the constraints of wires and cumbersome appliances with our Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. Weighing just 2.86lb, its cordless design, coupled with a 1500mAh battery, provides unmatched freedom and convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of maneuvering around cords and hello to effortless, efficient cleaning.

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High-Frequency Double Beat Innovation

Step into the future of cleaning excellence with our Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner featuring the high-frequency double beat function. This cutting-edge technology swiftly agitates and dislodges dust particles, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Bid farewell to stubborn dust and welcome a new era of cleanliness with this advanced vacuum, designed to elevate your cleaning experience to unparalleled heights.

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Convenient maintenance with a dust cup

Experience ultimate convenience with our cordless mattress vacuum with a vacuum cleaner that allows you to directly wash the filter element and dust collector in water. This innovative design allows for easy maintenance, ensuring durability over long periods of use. Simply rinse and dry the dustproof cup and filter element before continuing to use to maintain their effectiveness and a smooth cleaning process.

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